Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto reopens on Saturday 13th June 2020
#apertiaporteaperte: with this hastag, Fondazione Pistoletto announces the reopening in full safety of its exhibitions. After months of closure due to the health emergency, you’ll be able to access the spaces of the Biellese institution again, with Michelangelo Pistoletto’s works and the experiential visit of the Terme Culturali. Here are all the practical information on how to participate in a guided tour.

We suspended our activities open to the public at the beginning of March, in compliance with the government’s decrees. After over three months from the ordinance aimed at containing the spreading of the Coronavirus, Cittadellarte is back: the exhibitions will reopen in full safety on Saturday 13th June. In anticipation to this, we’ll start with some practical information relative to the safeguard of the public: visitors will be welcomed by our guides with modalities that, as always, favour the dimension of the small group.

We are ready to carefully put into practice all the safety regulations, preserving the spirit of interaction that has always characterised our visitors’ experience. Cittadellarte ensures in fact a constant sanitisation of its spaces, while the Fondazione’s staff will guarantee that distancing is maintained between the visitors and will avoid any form of close gathering. The guided tours (of the duration of about 1.5 hours) will be on Saturdays at 6 pm and on Sundays at 3 pm; booking is essential, you can reserve your place by writing to or calling the 3316676212. You can combine your visit with dinner or brunch at Famiglia Ramella’s restaurant Bistrot Le Arti* (reservation required calling the 3356558557 – 3311045933).

The exhibition route: the artist’s works and the Terme Culturali
Cittadellarte will again offer public access to the biggest collection of works by Michelangelo Pistoletto. A unique selection ranging from the first self-portraits from the ’50s to the mirror paintings and on to the most recent works, accompanied by an important historical Arte Povera collection and a series of installations describing Cittadellarte’s main fields of research. Our guides will also walk visitors through the Terme Culturali, an original experiential concept that Cittadellarte has conceived in collaboration with artists and designers to tell its story to the public.

The revised route of the Terme Culturali
The safety regulations imposed by the pandemic, but also the issues and visions it has contributed to bringing to everybody’s attention, have led us to revise the experience of the Terme Culturali. This consists in a space-time in which to find connections with ourselves and answers to the deepest questions within us, but also rediscover the value of things and of nature, water, light, sounds and silences. Art and culture have today given a second lease on life to many factories rising along water courses: buildings that had stopped their productive activity and now constitute an exceptional heritage of industrial archaeology.

The comment of Cittadellarte’s director
ArtPaolo Naldini claims – works like water: it’s an energetic fluid connecting the different parts of the organism, soul and intellect, emotions and reason, sensory perceptions and intelligent intuitions, conscious and subconscious, rational and irrational. Linking and dissolving tangles and separations, it operates at the level of the individual body as well as at the level of the social body”.

Please click here for further information on hours and modalities of opening.
We would also like to remind you that the Let Eat Be Market has been opening every Wednesday from 10 am to 1 pm since 6th May next to Cittadellarte’s parking lot in front of the officinal garden of the Third Paradise. Please write to for further info on the weekly market.
*Saturday’s offer consists in guided tour at 6 pm + dinner, Sunday’s in lunch/brunch + guided tour at 3 pm, both are 35 euros and include drinks. On Saturdays and Sundays the restaurant also provides its regular service.