“Pandemopraxy, almost a manifesto in the time of Coronavirus” – VIDEO
"How you will live? How you will learn? How will you communicate? How will you express yourself? How will you do everything you do?". Around these questions inspired by Subsonica's song dedicated to the Third Paradise, Cittadellarte launches the initiative "The art of balance". Paolo Naldini proposes his own docu-film reflecting on the impact Covid-19 will have on our society, also in the next stages of this emergency and once it will be over. The director of Cittadellarte offers a series of analysis and ideas for the rebirth - between trinamic balance, demopraxy and the research, right and joy of each individual in their own community - starting with a local and individual dimension to the global collective. Here is how to go from pandemic... to pandemopraxy.

Paolo Naldini, director of Cittadellarte, proposes through this video a choral initiative of restart (rebirth) after the coronavirus pandemic (more information here).

It is primarily addressed to the network of Rebirth / Third Paradise Ambassadors, but also to all those who are active in their community by developing thought and practicing of sustainable prosperity.

Inspired by track by Subsonica dedicated to the Third Paradise, the initiative asks:
How you will live? How you will learn? How will you communicate? How will you express yourself? How will you do everything you do?

Cittadellarte will collect the answers to these questions put forward by the network of activators, social innovators, entrepreneurs, teachers and educators, administrators, scientists, designers, experts in the various fields of human action, in line with the premises expressed in the Manifesto of Progetto Arte, Pistoletto, 1994.

These questions and answers represent an articulated and ambitious research project that integrates the various devices activated by Cittadellarte in these decades, in particular:
geographies of change, participative online archive and platform of transformation practices for a responsible transformation of society;
visibleproject, platform that researches, produces and sustains socially engaged artistic projects in a global context.

The text outlines two tools (“algorithms”): the sense of balance (represented by the vision and the symbol of the Third Paradise) and the art of Demopraxy.

The document identifies a third resource, i.e. the activity of research, meant as human right and joy for every human being. An activity that allows to contribute to the creation and regeneration of one’s own context and to understand it with greater depth and in connection with other ecologies.

Finally, the text enhances a decisive element for the turn we advocate for (made even more evident by the consequences of the pandemic): the union of cooperation and learning.

The text as a whole frames how the assumption of awareness and direct responsibility for the daily management of life in our community of practice (that is, demopraxy) responds to the pandemic. Therefore this manifesto is entitled: Pan-demopraxy.

April 2020.
Cittadellarte, Biella.
Quarantine from Covid-19.
The spaces where students, teachers, project partners and visitors normally meet are empty.
The river flows. Birds and insects fly. They live their days as before.
I too, like them, live here, in Cittadellarte, together with Armona, my wife, and two of our teenage children.
Michelangelo has returned home, here with Maria.
In these days of reflections I ask myself almost obsessively: What to learn from this epochal experience?
How to be reborn from this pandemic?

What to carry along in the after-coronavirus?
So I wrote this text,

almost a Quarantine Manifesto.
The basis for starting a cooperation and learning initiative.

Starting from the network of Third Paradise Ambassadors.
Two principles as basis:

– the sense of balance and
– the science of demopraxy.

Paolo Naldini

Read the whole manifesto.