The Art of Balance #86 | Bruno Bozzetto, how will you smile?
The famous cartoon animator is the 86th participant in “The Art of Balance / Pandemopraxy”, launched by Cittadellarte. Bruno Bozzetto “puts words aside” and answers the question of the project using one of his favourite languages: illustration. Here is the image he created for the initiative.

The new contribution to The Art of Balance comes from Bruno Bozzetto, cartoon animator and director. The creator of numerous animated long and short films (West and SodaVIP – Mio fratello SuperuomoAllegro non troppo ecc.), Bozzetto has had an Oscar nomination and has made over a hundred videos for Piero Angela’s TV programme Quark. One of the artist’s most successful creations is the imaginary character Signor Rossi, who half-seriously represents the average Italian facing the corruption of our time. The works dedicated to Signor Rossi can be interpreted in different ways and convey different messages, often of social relevance. During the pandemic, Bozzetto has also created – and published on his social media – stories featuring a new character, Doggy, the protagonist of a series of cartoons centred on the relationship between man and dog, always bearing the mark of the artist; Doggy has also become the main character of a recently published book.

Bozzetto has taken part in our initiative answering the question “How will you smile?” not with a video or a text but with ‘his’ form of art: a drawing.

How will you smile?

(And how will you smile?
I will smile only when I see you smile.)