The Art of Balance #90 | Tomaso Marcolla, what will you remember?
The artist and graphic designer is the 90th participant in the initiative “The Art of Balance / Pandemopraxy”, launched by Cittadellarte. Tomaso Marcolla answers the question of the project with a series of illustrations representing the impact Covid-19 has had on society and on interpersonal relationships. Here are the images he created for our initiative.

What will you remember?
I wanted to offer a moment of reflection,” Marcolla said to us, “to present people with the problems caused by the pandemic we are experiencing. Through my images, I would like to make them think about what we can do as individuals to fight Covid-19 in the present and in the future”.
Graduated from Trento’s Art Institute, the artist participating in this new episode of The Art of Balance / Pandemopraxy started working as a graphic designer in 1985, and he is a member of AIAP (Italian association of design of visual communication) and of BEDA (Bureau of European Designers Association).

Here are the images with which our 90th guest answered the question “What will you remember?”.

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