In Cuneo, “The importance of identity” with the Third Paradise
The primary school “Revelli” and Cuneo’s Rebirth embassy have organized a lesson-event for children which will be held at the Ippogrifo bookshop on Saturday 28th October. The initiative is part of MIUR’s national contest “#Ioleggoperché”, awarding the five winning scholastic institutions with a 2.000 Euros book voucher.

An immersion into children’s literature in the name of the Third Paradise: this is what the primary school “Revelli” in Viale Angeli and the local Rebirth embassy have organized in Cuneo with the themed event “The importance of identity” as part of “#Ioleggoperché”. The initiative will be held at the Ippogrifo bookshop in Corso Nizza 1 on Saturday 28th October and will be repeated every hour from 9.00 to 13.00. The hashtag refers to a national contest announced by MIUR (the ministry of education, university and research) to reward schools’ creativity and spirit of initiative. The five winners will receive a 2000 Euros book voucher to spend on books for their libraries. How to participate? Organizing an event set in a bookshop and promoting reading from 21st to 29th October, there are no restrictions to its format: aloud readings, meetings with the author, literary flash mobs, lessons in the bookshop, skill competitions, shows or musical performances, shop window installations.

(on the left, the entrance of the bookshop; on the right, the exterior of the “Revelli” school)

The second, third and fourth years of this primary school will take part in an event especially organized for this contest. What will it consist in? Its theme will be “The importance of identity” and it will be centred around an animated and dramatized reading of the book “Pezzettino” (Little piece) by Leo Lionni, a work chosen as adaptation and metaphor of Michelangelo Pistoletto’s Third Paradise. Focusing on this particular text will aim at triggering a reflection on the importance of recognizing ourselves in our specificities and intentionalities which, joined together, contribute to make a human being happy, in a world where everyone benefits from feeling responsible.

A hint to the sign-symbol of the artist from Biella also recalled in the second part of the programme, centred around an interactive dialogue with the participants in the event. Closing the circle are two workshops inspired to the Third Paradise/Rebirth: the “play-operational domino” and the “expressive composite artivation”: an activity with special bookmarks that join together when they fall, and an activity with origami in the shape of swans representing the passage-propagation of a message written on paper, the material creating their own structure, respectively. The sense of the activities is conveyed in a sentence on the poster for the event: “I listen, acquire, reflect and interact. I learn having fun, I experiment and activate myself with experiences leaving a mark!” The event is open to everybody: visitors and customers of the bookshop, families and representatives from the school and the Rebirth embassy will be welcomed to join the pupils.

I interpreted this chance to read and approach written texts since a young age offered by this initiative by MIUR as an opportunity to make people appreciate the value and power of the Rebirth project at an educational level,” explained Sonia Barale, Rebirth ambassadress and referent for the school project, “with innovative and “artivating” approaches, we contribute to the development of generations generating culture and respect, and driven to a new and continuous dialogue able to carry out effective changes given by the joining of many intentionalities. The logic of trinamics seems to apply in this instance too: the reading of a classic of children’s literature plus the link-metaphor of the Third Paradise originate an event strongly involving a public willing to change, acquire a new perspective, be curious and enthusiastic to transform the world projecting it towards a new humanity. Here is therefore the realization of the principle of trinamics: one and one makes three”.