SPAC3, the big collective work of art
Mission VITA is set to take off tomorrow! The app SPAC3 has been launched in parallel with astronaut Paolo Nespoli leaving for the ISS (International Space Station). Here are the reasons making the app a work of art available to and for everybody.

Only one day to go to the take off of the space mission VITA. As announced in a previous article, Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli will leave for the ISS (International Space Station) on the mission Expedition 52/53. The occasion of the event will see the realization of a big collective work, a social artwork in the sign of Michelangelo Pistoletto’s Third Paradise.
The new app SPAC3, developed by RAM radioartemobile and ESA (European Space Agency) in collaboration with Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto and ASI (Italian Space Agency), has in fact been launched.

With the new app, free for Android and iOS, users will be able to take photos relating to specific topics (life on Earth, the environment, health, sustainability, etc.) superimposing them to Nespoli’s space photos. Anybody will be able to participate with their creative contribution. The next step will involve the social media: once shared on line, the pictures will feed a continuous flux of visible images.

Why is SPAC3 a big collective work of art?

1° SPAC3 is itself a work of art as it corresponds exactly to Michelangelo Pistoletto’s artistic process, starting from the Mirror Paintings from 1962. In those works, we see ourselves as part of the painting and, behind us, we see the environment and the people surrounding us. The Mirror Painting is therefore a pre-technological artistic selfie.

2° With SPAC3, the mirroring work extends to planetary proportions, since the astronaut Paolo Nespoli will act like a mirror for Earth’s society. From our planet, the selfie will be realized reflecting ourselves in his photographs, i.e. inserting our pictures in his (connected to the symbol of the Third Paradise).

3° Through the app, we will be able to see the images created by others together with the image created by us. In the app, the symbol of the Third Paradise is the support on which everybody’s artistic selfie is fixed.

4° The symbol of the Third Paradise will include the work by each participant and be at the same time included within each work. This is how the symbol will spread and become familiar to everybody.

5° In Pistoletto’s work, the Third Paradise comes out of the symbol to become practical, extended and shared activity of “responsible innovation of society”.
Hence, together with the diffusion of the symbol, an interpersonal connection progressively developing a real change in society gets activated.
The 17 UN sustainable development goals are the guidelines.

6° As intended in the symbol of the Third Paradise, the space mission VITA generates, through SPAC3, a connection without precedents between the scientific-technological progress and the artistic-humanistic situation, for the development of a planetary society humanly evolved.