“Art and generative A.I.”, artificial intelligence meets creativity in the Third Paradise
Michelangelo Pistoletto has conceived a new version of the trinamic symbol which represents the human brain and a sequence of bit strings in the two opposite circles, and the union and synthesis between the two in the central one. The work follows in the wake of the artist's research into artificial intelligence.

Biella, 2003. Michelangelo Pistoletto presents his trinamic symbol to the world, explaining that “it is the fusion of the first and second paradises. The first is the one in which human beings were totally integrated into nature. The second is the artificial one, developed by human intelligence to reach the current global dimensions through science and technology (…). The Third Paradise is the third phase of humanity, which is achieved in a balanced connection between nature and artifice”. As was the artist’s desire, his sign-symbol has since become a true myth that continues to lead everyone to take personal responsibility in the global vision. An example of this are the thousands of creative and sustainable activities promoted and organised all over the world by the over 200 embassies of the Third Paradise.

The artistic research around the trinamic symbol has nonetheless not ceased: as it is well known, Pistoletto continues to elaborate new versions of it, conveying different messages each time. The latest work created by the artist is Art and generative A.I. (in the cover image, ed.): in the work, the brain, i.e. human creativity, and sequences of bit strings, i.e. the binary numerical system (which uses only two symbols, usually indicated with 0 and 1, instead of the ten digits used by the decimal numerical system) are found in the two opposite circles; the two elements meet in the centre, finding the balance and synthesis of the Third Paradise. In this work, the artist has reported and highlighted The Formula of Creation – the title of his latest book – not only in letters, but in bit strings. His art continues to nod at and relate to new technologies.