Cittadellarte and The Italian Red Cross, the story of the pact for change recounted at “Arte Fiera”
The cycle of conversations “Artists, media and markets: new trajectories in Italy”, curated by Flash Art for Bologna’s fair, will include the talk “The art of care”, programmed for 24th January. Speakers of the event will be Michelangelo Pistoletto, Paolo Naldini (director of Cittadellarte) and Flavio Ronzi (general secretary of the Italian Red Cross).

Over 150 Italian and foreign galleries, 108 in the main section and 47 in the three sections accessible on invitation only, for a total of 345 artists represented in the fair: numbers giving a general idea of the 44th edition of Arte Fiera, the event held from 24th to 26th January – with a press preview on Thursday 23rd – and directed for the second consecutive year by Simone Menegoi. Among the proposals housed in pavilions 15 and 18 of Bologna’s Fair Quarter, the artistic festival will feature a cycle of 13 conversations called Artists, media and markets: new trajectories in Italy curated by Flash Art (for the second year content partner of Arte Fiera); the series of talks presents itself as an opportunity to stimulate a reflection around current themes linked to the system of contemporary art.

The first talk, in programme for the opening day (Friday 24th), is The art of care, moderated by Lorenzo Fazio, editor for Chiarelettere and Il Fatto Quotidiano. The event, starting at 12.00, will have as speakers Michelangelo Pistoletto, Paolo Naldini (director of Cittadellarte) and Flavio Ronzi (general secretary of the Italian Red Cross). The contents of this round table will develop from the pact signed by Fondazione Pistoletto and the Italian Red Cross, which, a year ago, started a process whereby volunteers and artists, together, dedicate themselves to the care of territories and communities; art therefore seen as a device for social innovation and change, and a healing cure for wounds, pain and distress.

The Rebirth/Third Paradise ambassadress Chiara Belliti has described to us the peculiarities of the pact for change launched last November at Isola del Gran Sasso: “It’s fantastic to see a meeting between the Italian Red Cross and Cittadellarte being part of the programme of a fair in which art is considered a commodity. How do the two organisations work together? The Italian Red Cross volunteers – she explains – will learn a new way of approaching the art of care, whereas the artists will get to know how to alleviate daily suffering, not only in galleries and exhibitions, but on the streets. It’s an exchange, a sort of osmotic relationship. I want to thank the director of Arte Fiera Simone Menegoi and the deputy director Gloria Bartoli for their far-sightedness and open-mindedness”. In view of a continuous exchange, in the course of the artistic event the Italian Red Cross will have a stand also offering informative publications on Cittadellarte and Accademia UNIDEE.