Sustainable fashion: Fashion B.E.S.T. at the 58th edition of Filo
The international exhibition, scheduled to take place in Milan today and tomorrow – 14 and 15 September – is once again hosting and actively collaborating with Fashion B.E.S.T.: the central area, adjacent to the “trends” section, will accommodate an immersive installation in collaboration with Lenzing, and the programme of "Dialoghi di confronto" will include the talk "Future Fashion Dialogues with Nature", which will have Olga Pirazzi, head of Cittadellarte’s Fashion Office, and fashion designers Tiziano Guardini and Matteo Ward as speakers.

Filo, the international exhibition dedicated to yarns of excellence, is back: a business platform with a wide variety of quality collections, the result of continuous research and innovation, produced with respect for the environment and fundamental ethical values. The event, now at its 58th edition, running today and tomorrow – Wednesday 14 and Thursday 15 September – at the Allianz MiCo at Via Gattamelata 5 in Milan, will once again have Cittadellarte as one of its protagonists with Fashion B.E.S.T.. Fondazione Pistoletto‘s operative workshop, created in 2009 and dedicated to the development of bio-ethical sustainability in the textile sector, will be curating one of the Dialoghi di confronto held in the networking area. “Filo’s Creative Dialogues,” explain the organisers, “focus on raw materials, products, processes which give the yarns exhibited at Filo, in an open and continuous dialogue with the companies and the people producing them, highlighting their creativity, experimentation and research skills. As in a Socratic dialogue, the Creative Dialogues change and are renewed for every edition of Filo, but the ultimate goal remains the same: the search for beauty and the well-made, beyond now meaningless conceptual limits, in line with the style of the best Italian manufacturing.

The “dialogue” that will put Fashion B.E.S.T. in the spotlight, scheduled for 14 September at 2.30 pm, is called Future Fashion Dialogues with Nature, and will feature the following speakers: Olga Pirazzi, head of Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto’s Fashion Office; Tiziano Guardini, sustainable designer, globally recognised for his creative and environmental sensitivity; and Matteo Ward, CEO and co-founder of WRÅD. The talk will be an opportunity for a debate on the need for a new reconfiguration of the fashion system in relation to the near-future (in fact present) environmental and social context. The collaboration between Filo and Cittadellarte for the 58th edition, however, does not end there: the central area (E12), adjacent to the space hosting the talks, will in fact accommodate an installation created by Cittadellarte in collaboration with Lenzing: an evocation of the forest and nature articulated in several cylindrical loom-like structures which the spectator will be able to enter, finding themselves surrounded by the ultimate expression of matter: yarn.