Let’s have our voice heard: the launch of the initiative “The art of balance / Pandemopraxy”
Cittadellarte invites its digital users and readers to reflect on the life awaiting us in the post-pandemic world. Will or won’t we change? And if we will, how? What can we concretely do to head towards a balance of sustainable prosperity? Starting from these questions inspired by the song by Subsonica dedicated to the Third Paradise, we’ll wait for your answers to give a collective boost to our project of rebirth and responsible social transformation. Michelangelo Pistoletto and Paolo Naldini introduce the initiative through a video message and a docufilm: here are the recordings.

Let’s have our voice heard”: this is how Michelangelo Pistoletto invites Rebirth ambassadors and Cittadellarte’s collaborators and partners, digital users and readers to take part in the new choral initiative of restart and rebirth following the Coronavirus pandemic – called The art of balance. Director Paolo Naldini had already extensively presented the behind-the-scene and the peculiarities of this project in the article From pandemic to pan-demopraxy, published on our Journal on 14th April. This initiative is addressed in particular to subjects active in their communities with practices and thoughts of sustainable prosperity. Inspired by the song by Subsonica dedicated to the Third Paradise, the project develops from a series of key questions: “How will you inhabit? How will you learn? How will you communicate? How will you express yourself? “How will you do anything you’ll do?”. Those answering can draw inputs from the ‘algorithms’ illustrated in Naldini’s text: the sense of balance (represented by the Third Paradise), the art of demopraxy and a research activity intended as right and joy of each individual. Cittadellarte’s director has also made a docufilm (linked at the end of this article) in which – proposing a different language – he theatralises the contents of his article.

Michelangelo Pistoletto also invites reflection on the historic transition we are crossing: the empty space-time created by the Covid-19 pandemic as an opportunity to give a powerful boost to the project of rebirth and of responsible and sustainable social transformation. “I’ve just come back home – these are Michelangelo Pistoletto’s words in the video made a few days after his returning home – and in that empty space-time I spent in hospital, I thought about the historic transition we are crossing, and how the Coronavirus pandemic is an occasion for a decisive impulse to the project of rebirth that we cultivate together: Rebirth in the name of the Third Paradise. In order for that to happen, we must make known, now more than ever, the methods and the practices of the Third Paradise. I address Cittadellarte, and the Rebirth ambassadors and embassies: you can directly inspire others to take action themselves, according to the philosophy of demopraxy, within their own organisations, and to practise the commitment of a trinamic balance for the transformation of society in a responsible sense, as individuals and, at the same time, as active members of a practical community. I address everybody through the song that Subsonica have dedicated to the Third Paradise.

How can you offer your contribution to the initiative?
You can share your reflections on the practices (modes and methods) to activate for a post-Coronavirus rebirth in the name of responsibility and commitment by replying, with a personal interpretation, to the questions posed in the 2014 song by Subsonica dedicated to the Third Paradise.
Each of you can focus on a specific theme, depending on your experience and profession.
Find all the questions below. Answers will have to be sent to pandemopraxia@cittadellarte.it. You can contact us at the same address for any doubt or info concerning this initiative.

How will you smile? What air will you breathe? How will you dress? What language will you speak? How will you say hello? How will you work? What will you believe in? What dreams will you dream? What will you eat? What will you remember? What will you think? What will you produce? How will you have fun? What will you dedicate yourself to? How will you communicate? Where will you live? How will you cure? How will you judge? What will you buy? What will you sell? How will you travel? What will you offer? Who will you meet? How will you act? What decision will you take?
Lastly, we ask you to share your answers on all social media and send us your ideas, actions and facts: at Cittadellarte, we will pick up your messages and we will in turn publish them. Invite others to take part in this initiative, let us hear your voice, let’s give rebirth a powerful boost.

Michelangelo Pistoletto’s video message.
Paolo Naldini’s docufilm.
Among the activities carried out as part of this project, here are two videos curated by Cittadellarte’s Learning Environments and Schools Office. Ruggero Poi and Alessandra Bury answer the question “How will you learn?” relying, every week, on the contribution of a different expert in didactics.
In the videos Cristiana Pivetta (literature teacher at the Comprehensive Institute “Don Milani” in Carbonia, an expert in the use of technologies in day-to-day teaching) and Giuseppe Paschetto (retired maths and science teacher at the secondary school “Garbaccio” in Mosso, presently acting as consultant for didactic innovation and development to Lucia Azzolina, the Italian Minister of Public Education).