The Art of Balance #95 | Enrico Rava, what dreams will you dream?
The jazz musician is the 95th participant in the initiative The Art of Balance / Pandemopraxy, launched by Cittadellarte. Enrico Rava answered the question posed by our project concisely, with an expressive synthesis that leaves room for different interpretations.

What dreams will you dream?
Enrico Rava is the most well-known and appreciated Italian jazz musician. He has always engaged in the most diverse and stimulating experiences, appearing on the jazz music scene in the mid ’60s and quickly standing out as one of the most convincing solo players in the European jazz arena. His human and artistic candour places him outside any framework and makes him a rigorous musician unconcerned by conventions. His immediately recognisable poetic and his lyrical and moving sonority, always supported by an amazingly fresh inspiration, are strongly featured in all his musical ventures. Rava has participated in the initiative The Art of Balance / Pandemopraxy with an extremely concise contribution, which clearly conveys the musician’s impressions on the post-pandemic future.
I will dream of dreaming of escaping this nightmare”, he said.

Also important to mention is the artistic relationship between Rava and Pistoletto: as mentioned in one of our previous articles, in the two-year period between 1979-1980 Pistoletto presented a series of personal exhibitions, installations and actions in museums, galleries and public spaces in different cities in the United States. In Atlanta, Pistoletto launched an extended creative collaboration involving the whole city, inviting three artists he had already worked with in the past to contribute: theatre director and actor Lionello Gennero (a former member of the Zoo), musician Enrico Rava and American composer Morton Feldmann, with whom he had collaborated in 1977 at Teatro dell’Opera in Rome on the opera Neither, a text specifically written by Samuel Beckett. Together with these three artists and with the assistance of Maria Pioppi, Pistoletto organised and participated in an intense programme of collaborations with numerous visual artists and local musical and theatre groups, involving a great number of people of different ages and from different backgrounds. The Creative Collaboration carried on throughout the year in different cities both in the US, in Athens, New York and Los Angeles, and in Italy, in Bologna and, above all, in Corniglia, where in August 1979, together with Laura Culver and David Head (two artists who had taken part in the Creative Collaboration in Atlanta), Enrico Rava, his own daughters Cristina, Armona and Pietra, and Maria Pioppi, Pistoletto coordinated and appeared in a series of shows performed in the streets, among which Opera Ah and Pecora Cantata, which saw the participation of many local residents.

Musical Book, 1979
Creative collaboration between Lionello Gennero, Michael Goodmann, Enrico Rava,
Chip Einstein, Laura Culver, Robb Chapman; Atlanta, 1979
Photo: C. Cleaver