LAS-Land Art Salento’s Third Paradise at Taranto’s Aragonese Castle
The Apulian City lights up with culture with the project “Public Scape Taranto”, an initiative aiming at enhancing the territory through the artistic language of specifically created works of art placed in symbolic spots in the city. Among the works selected is a re-interpretation of Michelangelo Pistoletto’s sign-symbol by the collective LAS.

Taranto’s Aragonese Castle will host a new project which will place “art at the centre” with a nod to Michelangelo Pistoletto. From 6th September, the site will in fact acquire a re-interpretation of the Third Paradise, a work created by the collective LAS-Land Art Salento, an informal group of professionals operating in flower design composed of Anna Albano, Antonella Crocianelli, Mauro Arnesano and Antonio Suppressa, who realize land art interventions using naturally sourced materials like wood, hay/straw and stone elements. In line with the artistic policy of the collective and with an attention to sustainability, the installation dedicated and inspired to the sign-symbol of the artist from Biella will be made of intertwined reeds collected locally and worked by the group of flower designers.

This new “Third Paradise” – co-financed by ANCE Taranto in collaboration with MAS Week – will be unveiled on Thursday at 18.30 in Piazza Castello 4. It is one of the site specific works part of the project Public Scape Taranto, a contest sponsored by the City of Taranto and the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018. The latter intends to develop the artists’ residency programme #We are Taranto and create an artistic and cultural itinerary of site specific or travelling works aiming at enhancing the territory marking seven symbolic spots in the city. Besides the Aragonese Castle, these are the former convent of Saint Anthony, the MUDI (the diocesan museum of sacred art), the Youth Tribunal (the former convent of Santa Chiara), the former convent of San Domenico, the Clock Tower and the SVATM (the air force volunteers’ school). Selected through an international call, nine subjects are creating their works in the course of a week-long artistic residency (started on 30th August).

“The city of Taranto – we read on the greenroutes site – becomes the reference point for actions meaning to strengthen the internal and external dialogue of the project sites, experimenting new ways to enhance and care for the city, and facilitating cultural, social and emotional relationships through artistic languages and participatory processes involving the local communities in co-creating and sharing the works which will be realized. A dissemination of site specific and travelling works generating a systemic interaction among cultural institutions, communities, businesses and associations based in Taranto and its province, thanks a synergic connection with the local anthropic and natural landscape”.

Photo credits: Facebook page Green Routes
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