Mindfulness, a treatment benefiting the mind at Cittadellarte
The workshop “A healthy body in a healthy mind” was carried out in Cittadellarte’s aulic rooms on Wednesday 25th October, an introductory meeting to the course the massophisyotherapist Nuccio Panella will hold in January.

The course “A healthy body in a healthy mind”, starting at the beginning of next year, was presented last night with the collaboration of Cittadellarte and Nuccio Panella, a massophysiotherapist and expert of well-being in all its aspects who, in the course of his professional life, has noted how from symptoms caused by external traumas, the patients more and more often reveal discomforts due to personal factors of stress. For this reason, he decided to approach and concentrate on disciplines studying the mind, like neuro-linguistic programming. He has therefore focused on two aspects affecting each other, i.e. the physical and the mental, so as to apply a methodology as complete as possible.

The meetings will touch on interconnected topics which will be individually analysed in depth, in order to understand the importance of all these aspects in getting to know ourselves and the human mind. The themes will be neurobiology of the brain, stress, mind, emotions, body composition, the ego and personality.

This course is part of Cittadellarte’s treatments of the Terme Culturali, addressed to the well-being of the mind, a “muscle” which needs to be constantly exercised in order to increase its ability to see, hear and understand. Specifically, this treatment will help people gain more and more awareness through a mindfulness approach. It is a psychological technique, a direct experience aiming at acquiring alertness, at living the present at its fullest, at getting in touch with our deepest self.

Please write to termeculturali@cittadellarte.it for more information on the course (starting January 2018)