Pistoletto presents his new book “Ominiteism and Demopraxy” in Parma
On Thursday 18th January, from 11.00, besides the latest political manifesto by the artist from Biella, the book-catalogue “The Third Paradise in Parma” will be also presented in the spaces of WoPa Temporary in the Emilian city.

The presentations of Michelangelo Pistoletto’s latest political manifesto carry on around Italy. Next stop in the programme is Parma on Thursday 18th January at 11.00 at the WoPa Temporary. This event will introduce not only “Ominiteism and Demopraxy” (published by Chiarelettere), but also “The Third Paradise in Parma”, a book-catalogue published by the association 360° Creativity Events. The artist will be present alongside Fortunato D’Amico, collaborator of Cittadellarte, who will be the speaker of the meeting. As mentioned in one of our previous articles, the macro-themes of Pistoletto’s latest political manifesto will be dealt with as stops in a journey between Third Paradise, trinamics, art, religion, politics and, of course, ominiteism and demopraxy. The book-catalogue is instead a collection of in depth analytical texts – including one by Pistoletto and one by D’Amico – dedicated to the first edition of the kermesse “Parma 360 Festival”, which took place in 2016.

“Parma 360 Festival” is in fact the event on which the initiative is centred: the event of the 18th January has been organized in view of its third edition, which is linked to the past ones. Objective of the initiative is to highlight what emerged from the two participatory projects developed during the first two editions of the festival. Specifically, the book-catalogue “The Third Paradise in Parma” presents the urban regeneration project carried out in Piazzale della Pace (Peace Square) in the Emilian city on the occasion of the first edition of “Parma 360 Festival of contemporary creativity”, realized in collaboration with the City of Parma, Manifattura Urbana and Cittadellarte.
“The event of the 18th January – said D’Amico – “is going to be an opportunity to reaffirm our presence in the city, besides our sympathy and support for the work groups engaged in social and technological innovation in Parma and its province.”

On the same day, from 19.00, a documentary on the experience of the Creative Station “WoPa Temporary Parma” realized by the cultural association Kinoki will be projected at the Officina Arti Audiovisive. The activities presented in the documentary were held from April to May 2017 at the Spazio Carroponte, with the participation of artists and creatives Paolino Ferrari, Lazzaro Marco Ferrari, Anna Guarinoni, Francesco Sgorbani, Sergio Nicolas Parra, Paolo Boggiani, Elisa Barbieri, Rino Stefano Tagliafierro, Antonio Pipolo, Amalia Vigilante.

In the Creative Station, young artists and students from Parma lived a residential experience in close contact with creatives and researchers from different disciplinary backgrounds, in collaboration with Studio Azzurro, in order to practice new forms of shared artistic and experimental design. The evening will be introduced by Chiara Canali and Camilla Mineo (Parma 360 Festival); Francesco Fulvi, Tania Comelli and Giulia D’Ambrosio (Manifattura Urbana); Michele Putorti and Alessandro Nidi (cultural association Kinoki). Present at the occasion will be Leonardo Sangiorgi and Osvalda Centurelli from Studio Azzurro. The press release says that “the objective of the festival has been to connect the territory with its artistic production, research and education in a permanent and structural way. The Creative Station has become a physical meeting place and an opportunity to revitalize artistic practices favouring inclusion, exchange and experimentation.”
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