“The art of awareness”, at the discovery of oneself between Cittadellarte and Oasi Zegna
The initiative, born as “Interiorist Photography” is back: on Sunday 17th June, the seminars will be held in the spaces of Fondazione Pistoletto and Bosco del Sorriso, an experiential journey between Terme Culturali and Oasi Zegna. Here is the programme and the news of this edition.

A journey of discovery of the self between nature and art: Sunday 17th June is the day of “The art of awareness”, an event organized by Oasi Zegna in collaboration with Fondazione Pistoletto. It is an initiative centred on the understanding of one’s own self through focusing on perceptions and emotions, in order to enhance the vision of what surrounds us. The meeting is at via Serralunga 27 in Biella, where the day will start with an experiential workshop in the spaces of Cittadellarte.

In this context, among Michelangelo Pistoletto’s works, the participants will experiment with the “Interiorist Photography” activity, a mental practice leading us to turn into photographers investigating ourselves and elaborating images generated by personal inclinations and experiences. The method consists in applying an analytic-descriptive scheme through which the “photographers” express their sensibility and ability to psychoanalyse themselves, feeling their existence in time and space. The method of the “Interiorist Photography”, developed by Paolo Naldini (Cittadellarte’s director), is a practice allowing us to enhance the vision of what surrounds us and our inner awareness, immortalizing the present, placing the attention on ourselves, our perceptions and our emotions, capturing the world inside and outside of us.

Going back to the programme, at 12.00 the participants will leave for the Bocchetto Sessera where, at 13.00, they will have the opportunity to eat in the restaurant. It is a two-course menu with a choice of main between “polenta concia” (polenta with melted cheese and butter) and a vegan meal (polenta with vegetables), and a dessert, all at 10 euros excluding drinks. At 14.30 the second part of the day will start, with the experiential seminar “Forest Bathing”, held in the Bosco del Sorriso: Debora Boca will accompany the participants on a walk in the evocative wood in the Oasi Zegna. The group will have the opportunity to explore the area creating a personal link with the surrounding natural environment. After the walk among the greenery, at 17.00 there will be a moment of sharing. At 18.00 the day will conclude with the arrival back at Bocchetto Sessera.

The art of awareness – we read in the Oasi Zegna’s press release – is an event stimulating the mind in order to rediscover one’s self and perceive our inner and outer worlds with a surprising intensity and an unexpected clarity. A day dedicated to this original methodology with a double experience: in Cittadellarte’s industrial archaeology complex – site of the Terme Culturali – and at Oasi Zegna, where you can “forest bathe”. An invitation to immerse yourself in art and nature to “become a camera”, to frame the present moment and go back to your roots to feel an active part of existence again. It doesn’t matter if the mental pictures are going to be forgotten, what matters is the experience, the self-awareness the practice develops and the subsequent easiness in accessing one’s deep self”.

Please contact us on 015.28400 or write to didattica@cittadellarte.it for further info and bookings. The participation fee is of 20 euros per person (inclusive of the two seminars at Cittadellarte and at Bosco del Sorriso).
Please call 015.744115 to book your lunch at the Bocchetto Sessera restaurant.
Please see the event’s Facebook page for further information.