The Let Eat Bi Market’s Party is back!
On Wednesday 10th October, from 10.30 to 15.30, Cittadellarte’s market’s party will be back with a new edition. On this occasion you will be able to buy specialties like fruit, vegetables, honey and cheese.

A market offering local food of excellence, an apple exhibition and wickerwork: here is a taste of the new “Let Eat Bi Market’s party”, in programme for 10th October from 10.30 to 15.30. Cittadellarte’s weekly market has organized a new day dedicated to flavours and conviviality, after the previous one held last year on 27th July. On the occasion, you will be able to meet the Let Eat Bi partners, who will be there to present and sell their products. Not only that: you will have the opportunity to sample dishes prepared by the exhibitors, made using their own raw products.

The producers at the market’s party
Who are the Let Eat Bi partners present at the event? Cascina Bozzola from Occhieppo Superiore, a farm producing a big variety of fruits and vegetables; L’orto d’asporto from Cerrione, combining innovation and sustainability with a wide array of vegetables; La Crava Cuntenta from Masserano, specializing in goat milk products, from cheese to yoghurt; Frutteto di Bersej from Portula, a farm selling vinegars, fruit juices, jams and canestrelli; Green Italy, offering a range of products with cannabis sativa as their main ingredient. The Honey of the Third Paradise by the association Pacefuturo will also be back for this edition, with the beekeeper Massipo Capellupo talking about its specificities.

The novelties
Two will be the new entries in this edition. Marco Maffeo from Cascina Bozzola, who will set up an exhibition of over 150 varieties of apples. Thanks to over 30 years of work, Maffeo can in fact reproduce almost 700 varieties of apples differing in flavour, texture and skin colour. A sort of fruit museum for himself and his customers, a natural collection part of which will be on display at the market’s party; the wicker-worker Aldo Serraglio from Sagliano Micca will also be a welcome addition to the event, he will present his baskets and restoration interventions and will be at work on new pieces throughout the day.

The comment of Armona Pistoletto
“After the success of last July’s event – explains Armona Pistoletto – there is a lot of enthusiasm among the producers. We have therefore decided to organize another day of conviviality and tastings of the products sold at the market. The Let Eat Bi partners are more and more willing and driven to develop the project at the basis of the initiative: caring for our land, farming with natural methods in order to eat local, organic and seasonal. Eating healthily is good from all points of view, that’s why we look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 10th October at 15.30, even just to have a quick lunch break with us to have a look.”

The Let Eat Bi market
The Let Eat Bi market is open at Cittadellarte every Wednesday from 10.30 to 13.30. Colours, flavours, light, territory: entering the straw hut, where it’s held, you can’t help being struck by the variety of products on display, from fruit to vegetables to other specialties. The senses are activated by the fragrances of the items, the many colours draw the eye and the tastings anticipate the flavours. The show stars local producers, happy to introduce the customers to the specificities of their products and the story of their activities. This is the market of the Let Eat Bi association, a key project of the organization itself: the association, started together with a close network of partners like cooperatives, social enterprises and local communities, combines farming, culture and conviviality, placing particular attention on social inclusion and the connection with the territory.