‘Cittadellarte & ArtEZ Residency Programme’, the voices of the students in residence – VIDEO
We talked to the Dutch students from the Arnhem Academy on the occasion of the open studio “Unfolding the Process”, the conclusive phase of their artistic residency started at Cittadellarte five weeks before. Here are their video-interviews.

Yesterday, Tuesday 12th February, ‘Cittadellarte & ArtEZ Residency Programme’ came to its conclusion: a one-of-a-kind programme (see the picture gallery at the end of the article) inasmuch as conceived as a didactic and educational instrument. The twelve students who participated in the artistic initiative worked at their research in Cittadellarte’s stimulating environment, also dealing with the issues and the opportunities generated by the artist’s autonomy and responsibility. The residents in fact organized their own time and activities, experimenting with self-management. Each student had at their disposal an individual space in which to develop their personal work, but there were moments of collective debate and dialogue between participants, tutors and UNIDEE staff. The curtain on the residency was drawn with a final open studio, in which the students – ten of them are at their 4th year of BEAR, the most innovative Dutch bachelor’s degree in visual arts – shared the works they had realized in the course of the residency. As their words suggest, their creativity was strongly contaminated by Fondazione Pistoletto (and its local socio-territoriality). Here are their video-comments.

Nora Welgraven

Dionne van Dun

Marcella de Wolff

Elisa Klabbers e Anna De Vriend

Koen Kievits

Melanie Maria

Jakob van Klinken

Harriet Caldwell

Hester Louter

Jonne de Groot

A few pictures from the open studio (photo credits Harriet Caldwell).