Max Casacci presents “Watermemories” on Rai 3, The sound of Biella’s water on TV
The episode of Kilimangiaro broadcast on 17th November had the Subsonica’s guitarist among its guests. In the course of the interview, the artist talked about the creation and the specificities of the work composed for Cittadellarte.

It is a track composed at Michelangelo Pistoletto’s request using only the sounds and noises of Biella’s water, a sound work which has become part of Cittadellarte”: with these words Max Casacci presented Watermemories on Rai 3 on Kilimangiaro, a programme featuring travel documentaries shot around the world with guests from the fields of showbiz or culture. The Subsonica’s guitarist was in fact among the guests of the Sunday 17th November episode, on which occasion he recounted his artistic development and described the characteristics of some of his sound projects. Since 2011, Casacci has been turning sounds and noises into music and, while being interviewed by Camila Raznovich, he talked in detail about two of his works, in which he used the noises of trams and the sounds of the stones of an ancient cliff in Gozo (the second largest island in the Maltese archipelago), Ta Cenc*, respectively.

After trams and stones, Casacci focused on water, with the composition of Watermemories (created by the artist himself and Hati Suara), already available on digital platforms. As mentioned, the link between this track and Cittadellarte is very close: the work was presented to the public for the first time in the spaces of Fondazione Pistoletto on the occasion of the event Arte al Centro, in the context of the new visitors’ experience of the Terme Culturali. “Michelangelo Pistoletto – added the musician – had asked me to compose a piece of orchestral breadth. I could have used instruments, but I decided not to. In fact, I managed to produce melody from the drops of water captured under water with special microphones. This way I ended up developing a track that celebrates the human activities taking place on the banks of the river and narrates the city of Biella”.
Please click here to watch the whole interview.

Max Casacci has recently talked about Watermemories also in the course of an interview for ‘La Repubblica’ (please click here to watch the full presentation).
* Ta Cenc (from the name of a cliff on the island of Gozo) is a track created in collaboration with Hati Suara exclusively using the sound of calcareous stones already known in ancient times. According to the great sculptor Pinuccio Sciola, calcareous stone “preserves in its sound the memory of water”.