Responsible fashion, an open studio by Flavia La Rocca for Fashion Revolution live from Cittadellarte
On Saturday 24th April, from 10 am to 6 pm, Flavia La Rocca will curate an online event as part of the Fashion Open Studio, a global initiative for the presentation and mentoring of Fashion Revolution. From the studios of Fashion B.E.S.T., the fashion designer will show how her garments are created, from the design to the model to the final dyeing.

A series of digital events giving voice to 60 designers in 20 countries, crossing the boundaries of what it means to work in fashion in 2021: this is Fashion Revolution‘s Fashion Open Studio, a digital window into numerous interactive open studios which will offer users the opportunity to virtually enter the studios of designers who make sustainable garments. The platform will allow the designers to demonstrate and tell about their creative process, in a narrative that will investigate their solutions to the urgent challenges the fashion industry is facing. The open studios will be held during Fashion Revolution Week, scheduled from 19th to 25th April: “Fashion Open Studio – reads a post on Fashion Revolution’s Instagram profilecelebrates both emerging and established designers who are proudly building their own businesses on values ​​in line with the theme of Fashion Revolution 2021: Rights, Relationships and Revolution. The programme aims at showing how the Fashion Revolution manifesto works in practice, for an industry that protects the planet and its resources, and respects the artisans and people who make our clothes. The designers will not only present who created your clothes, but also how they are made and the materials they use”.

Among the open studios in the programme, the one on 24th April (from 10 am to 6 pm) will see Flavia La Rocca as the protagonist. The fashion designer will curate the episode How a modular piece is born: from sketch to reality from the studios of Fashion B.E.S.T. and will explain how a modular piece is created by showing the whole production process, from the drawing to the paper pattern, from the model to the dyeing (with Tencel europe and with the natural dyes of Phillacolor). Also present for the occasion will beValentina Donadel Valentina Donadel, who will demonstrate the dyeing of the fabric, and Olga Pirazzi, in charge of Cittadellarte’s Fashion Office. The context of Fondazione Pistoletto is not accidental: Flavia will highlight the link between the Third Paradise and the sustainable fashion of the B.E.S.T. collective “Flavia La Rocca proposes a new attitude towards clothing,” said the organisers, “a responsible, intelligent and modern way of dressing”.

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The open studio will be streamed live on Instagram.