The exhibition “Michelangelo Pistoletto’s Truth” at the Museo Comunale d’Arte Moderna di Ascona
The monographic exhibition dedicated to the Biellese artist and curated by Mara Folini and Alberto Fiz will be held in the Swiss city from 30th May to 26th September. The exhibition, organised in collaboration with Cittadellarte, will feature about forty works by Michelangelo Pistoletto.

“In the name of a relational art, Michelangelo Pistoletto formulated his concept of the Third Paradise – i.e. the symbol of infinity, formed by two circles and a central one representing harmony between opposites – to promote an eco-sustainable world and doing, acting with meaning. A message that today more than ever is considered topical and necessary for the future of humanity”: this is how one of the key elements of the exhibition Michelangelo Pistoletto’s Truth – From the Mirror to the Third Paradise is presented, among the proposals that will characterise the new event season of the Museo Comunale d’Arte Moderna di Ascona. The exhibition, curated by Mara Folini and Alberto Fiz and running from 30th May to 26th September 2021, is the most important and complete solo exhibition of the artist ever held in Switzerland.

The monographic exhibition, organised in collaboration with Cittadellarte, opens on Saturday 29th May at 5 pm and features about forty works by the Biellese artist. It will include the Venus of the Rags, The Wall, a selection of mirror paintings and other works that have only been displayed on rare occasions, like a few from the ’60s with a political theme that recall the interdisciplinary experience of Lo Zoo.
Pistoletto’s trinamic symbol will be one of the main contents of the initiative: an installation of the Third Paradise composed of about seventy plants will be placed in the park of the Castello San Materno Museum – right at the entrance to the hamlet – and will be ‘animated’ throughout the spring and summer with dance, music and theatre performances, as well as educational workshops for the schools of the region. Not only that: the creation of another installation of Pistoletto’s sign-symbol – this time composed of stones – is planned at Monte Verità and “permanently donated by the artist – the organisers say – to a place extremely rich in history and culture, which particularly agrees with him“.

More details about the exhibition will be revealed soon.