Horifune, Tokyo, Japan. A Third Paradise workshop.

“Just a little workshop on Third Paradise”, with these words Professor Takuya Kaneda presented the incredible work done in the Horifune Primary School in Tokyo!
A special day where, in a seminar, Kaneda explained the Rebirth/Terzo Paradiso Project to the school students. A particular workshop made possible due to the strong links between Rebirth/Terzo Paradiso and Kids’Guernica projects.
It was not the first time of Third Paradise in Japan, it has been present in Osaka since Rebirth-day 2012 and, the following year, when Michelangelo Pistoletto received from the hands of the Empereor Akihito the Praemium Imperiale for his contributions to art, but it attests for sure an important step ahead.
The work of Takuya Kaneda and Savina Tarsitano, Ambassadress of the Rebirth/Terzo Paradiso Project, has developed a new way to touch the chords of peace, respect and social responsibility.
The link began with the Kids’Guernica canvases and the working relationship flourished with Third Paradise “Canvases’ Road” project (which still tours around the globe). Now this collaborative idea is represented in shared workshops by both artistic projects.
Working with Horifune has been a tremendously wonderful experience and a milestone in regards to international cooperation, communication and freedom of thought.
Good work and many thanks to our international friends in Horifune.