Between ethics and aesthetics, at Cittadellarte fashion meets circularity
Between ethics and aesthetics, at Cittadellarte fashion meets circularity On 10th and 11th April, Fashion B.E.S.T. Studios hosted a workshop curated by Cittadellarte’s Fashion Office. The initiative saw the participation of 19 international female students from a master’s course at Milano Fashion Institute: let’s find out the details through the voices of the protagonists.

Chile, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Brazil, Spain, Ecuador, Germany, Bolivia, Guatemala, France and Italy: these are the nationalities of the female students who participated in the workshop Circular Fashion, held last week at Cittadellarte. This young micro-world of fashion gathered in Biella to follow the activity curated by Cittadellarte Fashion B.E.S.T. and organized in collaboration with Milano Fashion Institute. What was it about? At Cittadellarte, the 19 young students from MFI, where they are enrolled in a master’s course in Brand and Business Management – Sustainability Management Track, engaged with the theme of circularity in the fashion industry through a direct approach, learning how to make ethics and aesthetics coexist. On Wednesday 11th April, after a visit to the spaces of Fondazione Pistoletto, the students attended the workshop curated by Silvio Betterelli, Head of Cittadellarte’s Fashion Department, in collaboration with Olga Pirazzi, in charge of the Fashion Office. Betterelli invited the participants to use materials already previously recycled, working on the basis of creativity, research and experimentation, associated with Cittadellarte’s Fashion Office’s approach. Specifically, the students produced a piece of fabric wafting leftovers from textile production and items of clothing through a warp in tension on a vertical loom. Let’s find out all the details of the workshop in the video-interviews with the protagonists.

Silvio Betterelli
Francesca Romana Rinaldi
Ayana Ife Muhammad
Giovanna Barbato