Sustainable and art for society: Biella offers 20 full exemptions for Accademia Unidee’s three-year courses
Fondazione Pistoletto's Accademia Unidee, an institute of higher education based in Biella, created to build a sustainable vision of a possible balance between artifice and nature, is offering two three-year courses: one in Art for Social Sustainability and one in Sustainable Fashion. Exemptions (up to 100%) and scholarships are available to reward students’ motivation to attend its courses.

Accademia Unidee, an emanation of Cittadellarte, a public utility foundation, assumes art as a fundamental engine of change in society, positioning itself as an international hub of higher education and research on contemporary issues. The vision that permeates the courses is the relationship between art and social change, while its teaching follows an interdisciplinary approach based on direct experience, collaboration, theoretical-critical training and practice. Together with scholars and professionals, students can acquire knowledge by studying selected disciplines in depth and, at the same time, have the opportunity to experiment with new techniques, tools and methodologies.

The three-year courses
The academy offers two three-year courses: one in Art for Social Sustainability and one in Sustainable Fashion. The programme of the former mainly focuses on the role of the artist in the civic sphere, while the latter deals with sustainability in fashion, covering all processes of conception, production, communication and consumption, and relying on an extensive network of companies and designers. Accademia Unidee’s guidance office is open for those who wish to find out more about the courses on offer and the services for students; a personalised counselling service is also available by appointment. Admission to the three-year courses is subject to passing an admission test.

Scholarships and exemptions
Thanks to its network of partners, the academy offers 32 exemptions (16 at 100%, 8 at 50% and 8 at 25%) and 5 scholarships dedicated to partners including Banca Sella Patrimoni, Fondazione Biellezza, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Biella, Gruppo Giovani Imprenditori di Biella, illycaffé and Fondazione Zegna. In addition, 4 full exemptions are made available by CNMI (National Chamber for Italian Fashion). “With these subsidies,” say the team, “Accademia Unidee wants to reward the motivation of its aspiring students. Exemptions and scholarships apply to the 2022/23 academic year and enrolment is open until November.

The lecturers
Accademia Unidee’s professors and lecturers are contemporary academics and professionals, experts in a field or discipline, as well as knowledge and research producers. Their experience has been gained in major companies in the sector (an example is the director of the course in Sustainable Fashion Rossella Ravagli, sustainability manager at Armani and previously at Gucci). Their primary task is to stimulate the students to reflect, question and design as a means of reasoned expression. Great emphasis is placed on the dimension of research, both independent and formal. At Accademia Unidee, professors and lecturers are therefore called upon to develop this aspect, both through the forms of the academy, with publications, conferences and lectures, and through art and design. The appointment of the lecturers is a public selection process following a call for application, aimed at identifying the most suitable professionals for the achievement of the educational objectives set by the three-year courses offered by the Academy.

A glimpse into the future
Accademia Unidee is a laboratory where students lay the foundations of what they will achieve once they graduate. “Today, companies, non-profit organisations and associations need versatile professionals,” reads their website, “men and women capable of constantly acquiring knowledge, of being open to novelty, of reading complex situations, of taking heterogeneous and divergent voices into account and, above all, of creating by connecting in new ways already existing elements, of teaming up to generate innovation and balance in every field: from design to management, from finance to the third sector, from agri-food chains to sustainable fashion”.

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This article was previously published on Italia Che Cambia.