Cittadellarte’s working site: the construction of the containment wall is nearing completion
The construction of the containment wall in the area of Fondazione Pistoletto affected by the flood of October 2020 has almost been completed. Here are all the updates on the operations through the words of Emanuele Bottigella, in charge of Cittadellarte's Architecture Office.

More than a year has passed since the night when the river Cervo flooded, sweeping away Hydro, the Terme Culturali, part of the classrooms of Accademia Unidee and other spaces of Fondazione Pistoletto (for a total loss of 1300 square metres of exhibition, performance, rehearsal and storage spaces). In our Journal, we have periodically informed our readers about the progress of the work, reporting on the operations step by step. The last update provided was in September, when work was completed on the foundations of a new reinforced concrete wall, with 120 micropiles driven deep into the bed of the river Cervo.


The last few months have been dedicated to the construction of the containment wall, which is now almost complete. Emanuele Bottigella, in charge of Cittadellarte’s Architecture Office, explained that “the work focused first on the creation of the new structural foundation, then on the completion of the cut-off wall, a reinforced concrete structure protecting the foundations to a depth of 3 metres into the riverbed. During the month of November, the twelve ashlars that make up the elevation of the new containment wall were completed”. The new phases of work have already begun, which will protract for the whole month of December and will begin with the installation of the micropiles using two machines specific for this type of work. The next stages will involve closing the junction between the new reinforced concrete wall and the existing stone portion, and the laying of the pipes for the collection of white water and sewage, which will be carried out by Cordar.