The Art of Balance #100 | The floor to the students of the Artistic High School “P. L. Nervi” in Lentini
The pupils of the school in Sicily are the 100th participants in the initiative “The Art of Balance / Pandemopraxy”, launched by Cittadellarte. With the support of their teachers, the high school students have drawn the curtain on our project with a video contribution in which they offer food for thought using different languages, tones and reflections. Here is the film.

One hundred. A significant number. The participants in our initiative have reached three figures. And now it’s time to reflect, to look back, to absorb everything that the guests of The Art of Balance have offered on the virtual pages of our Journal. But before taking a step back, let’s close on a beautiful note. The beauty we are referring to is that of the younger generations, who, not surprisingly, conclude this one-year cycle of contributions. Their participation was special, and it couldn’t have be otherwise. The protagonists were the students of the Artistic High School “P. L. Nervi ” in Lentini: boys and girls who gave shape to a work that – in the spirit of the whole initiative – brought together different languages, responses and styles. Once again, a way to love differences, to build wealth with diversity, to raise hope for our future. To outline the time to come, they moved at the boundary between dream and reality, deciding to use a symbol that harmoniously gathered their various contributions: the dream catcher, which, like a tree, branches out and blossoms with the responses of all the participating students. As soon as the school’s logistical complexities given by the pandemic allow it, the dream catcher will actually be physically created.

The comment of Sebina Messina
Rebirth / Third Paradise ambassadress and teacher Sebina Messina has talked to us about the behind-the-scenes of the project: “The students thought about their future as a dream. Hence the idea of ​​the dream catcher to symbolise the capturing of everyone’s dreams, desires and intentions. Once agreed on the concept, each of them chose one or more questions and set to work, with the objective of ​​producing a text, a drawing or a picture to attach to the dream catcher, which we will eventually create physically. Unable to do so for the time being, we tried to communicate their thoughts through a video. The students really did everything: my colleagues and I only provided support and coordination. The video was entirely edited by a third grader who was adamant he wanted to do it. We were connected on Meet basically non-stop, but I must say that despite the inexperience they did a great job. For me, this is the added value of this work”.

The film made by the students.
Video credits:
With the participation of the students and teachers of the Artistic High School of the I.I.S. ‘P. L. Nervi’ in Lentini.
From an idea by Maria Concetta Lo Grande, with the coordination and support of the teachers.
Works, reflections and contributions by:
Valentina Finestrone, Noemi Sambasile – How will you smile?
Valentina Breci, Martina Fusillo – What air will you breathe?
Deianira Mantineo – How will you dress?
Liliana Mangiameli – How will you greet?
Eunice Merchant – How will you work?
Lea Marino – What will you believe in?
Syria Caruso, Gaia Guercio – What dreams will you dream?
Andrea Sacco, Gaia Guercio, Syria Caruso, Erika Musumeci – What will you remember?
Andrea Sacco – What will you think?
Alessio Cosentino, Claudia Ghinea, Elisabetta Emma, ​​Miriana Cutugno – How will you have fun?
Deianira Mantineo, Chiara Ossino – What will you work on?
Antonino Sciré – How will you communicate?
Claudia Zacco, Martina Spagnolo, Sefora La Ferla – Where will you live?
Marta Amato – How will you judge?
Noemi Ferrara, Noemi Pirri – How will you travel?
Alessia Bosco – What will you offer?
Clarissa Marchese – Who will you meet?
Chiara Italy, Maria Concetta Lo Grande, Ivonne Daquino, Chiara Adornetto – How will you act?
Marta Mallo, Cristina Campisi, Ilenia Mandolfo – What decision will you take?
Video editing: Antonino Sciré
Music by Salvo Amore – Rom 01
Thanks to Prof. Giuseppina Sanzaro
Thanks to Maestro Salvo Amore for the musical piece.