The Art of balance #2 | Milena Gabanelli, how will you communicate?
The journalist is the second guest of the new initiative launched by Cittadellarte, a project of rebirth and responsible social transformation called “The art of balance / Pandemopraxy”. The TV presenter offers her personal reflections on the post-Coronavirus future, touching on information, society, power and sustainability.

How will you communicate?
I will communicate the same way I did before, doing my best to apply rigour. I’m afraid nothing will change in the world if people’s awareness doesn’t change. Rules are made by people, no matter what position they are in, so if we want them to act in the public interest, we have to choose them carefully. The criteria must be the competence they have demonstrated, their candour and moral qualities.
The threats posed to our lives require a new multilateralism among the five continents for a sustainable development. And the only thing we agree on is the survival of humanity. That’s why we must not give even a scrap of power to incompetent or indolent people, or with conflict of interest.

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