The art of balance #99 | Laura Salas, what language will you speak?
The Rebirth/Third Paradise ambassadress is the 99th participant in the initiative "The Art of Balance/Pandemopraxy", launched by Cittadellarte. Laura Salas Redondo reflects on the importance of languages ​​in communication processes, explaining how their knowledge allows us to get to know more in depth the social contexts of reference. "I hope that everyone can find the balance of the Third Paradise,” she said, “a sign of communication and respect for others".

What language will you speak?
Will we speak another language in the future? In my life, I have had to learn a few of them for several reasons. I have gained important knowledge from these experiences: in addition to being able to communicate, when you learn a language you get to know the culture surrounding it. I am lucky because I have lived in countries other than mine and I have been able to study other languages; this has allowed me to better understand how people in various countries think, to better comprehend their society. My daughters, despite their very young age, are learning three different languages ​​and over time they will become women capable of communicating with different people and in different situations… this is a great wealth.

For many years there was a lot of talk about Esperanto, which would give everyone the opportunity to communicate in the same language. Even if that experiment failed, I believe that today English has the role of a contemporary Esperanto.
With this in mind, my wish for the future is for everyone to learn every language in the world. A utopia? Maybe. Anyway, to understand each other better, we can seek to achieve the balance of the Third Paradise, a sign of communication and respect for others.

Cover photo: Michelangelo Pistoletto and Laura Salas.