Marche Rebirth, the Third Paradise for a sustainable tourism
The Rebirth/Third Paradise ambassador Stefano Treggiari has organized a project aimed at starting forms of sustainable tourism through the ‘rebirth’ of cycle paths (the Marche blue way), to reveal new cultural and natural itineraries.

To accompany the visitor along a virtual and real journey across the Marche hills, revealing green and artistic cycling itineraries: this is the main objective of the new project “Marche Rebirth – The Marche blue way”, an initiative that wants to relaunch the historical and landscape heritage of the territory. The proposal, organized to stimulate responsible tourism, intents to showcase the local cultural and environmental resources. To succeed in this intent, Stefano Treggiari, the soul of the project, has identified with the bike the ideal means to promote more sustainable holidays. In this regards, the Rebirth/Third Paradise ambassador intends to fix cycle paths and less-trafficked secondary roads to facilitate travelling on two wheels.
Pedalling away, you can discover the art and the culture of the territory in total autonomy. Cyclists (enthusiasts or professionals) will have the support of signage, services and multimedia information. Using your bike across the Marche hills therefore becomes a pretext to discover less known places out of the beaten track. The objective is the creation of a circular economy on the territory, through which to develop well-being and new opportunities to collaborate for all the actors involved.

“The landscape, aptly adjusted to welcome tourists, – writes Stefano Treggiari in a press release – will become the ‘signum’ (sign bearer) of the project, through which we can narrate both the cultural landscape and the history of the presence of man and of his interaction with the territory. The Paths of rebirth will be cycle trails for slow tourism, along which the cyclists populating the tracks will be able to interpret the landscape drawing an ideal map of the Third Paradise. The circuits identified for the Marche Rebirth project imprint Michelangelo Pistoletto’s sign of the Third Paradise on the territory. The Paths will be activated along routes combining a historic-anthropological reflection with a perception of landscapes and nature, with itineraries for walkers, cyclists and horse-riders. ”.

Travelling along the different tracks, visitors will come across producers offering typical foods of the various geographical areas, local traditions and knowledge; a journey of discovery of the gastronomical and therapeutic value of spontaneous plants and the healthy properties of different foods. “We will have a new approach to food & wine and herbs itineraries – explains the Rebirth/Third Paradise ambassador – bringing together farming, tradition, history and scientific knowledge. All this will allow the visitor to fully live the territory”.

The project is articulated in key points around which to develop: a mapping of the museums, castles, religious buildings, caves, mills, community ovens and areas of landscape interest; the creation of a network and subsequent mapping of local institutions, associations, tourist bodies and tour operators; the development of operators specifically selected, with the role of promoting the territory and the themes linked to the development of sustainable tourism; marketing and communication campaigns, including the production of videos (films showcasing the historic-anthropological and cultural-landscape peculiarities of the territory, as well as video-interviews with the protagonists).

Contacts: Facebook page Marche Rebirth.