Rebirth day, the Third Paradise flags wave in Palazzolo
The association "The Women of the Third Paradise" collaborates with Palazzolo's schools: on 21 December, the town hall and most of the city will "wear" special flags realized by local nursery and primary schools' pupils.

Palazzolo sull’Oglio is more and more immersed in the Third Paradise. Thanks to the association “The Women of the Third Paradise”, the municipality in the Brescia province is looking forward to the Rebirth Day, an excitement confirmed by two initiatives with children as their common denominator. The first involves the primary school in Palazzolo’s San Pancrazio district, which has changed the shape of the flower bed in their garden from round to… a Third Paradise. Two circles have in fact been added to recreate Michelangelo Pistoletto’s sign-symbol. This representation was realized last week, on the occasion of the International Day of Trees, on 21 November. In the past years, when it was still a single circle, the flower bed was planted with tubers, while this year the seeds of 800 tulips have been sown, which will offer an amazing colourful sight in the spring, on the background of the artistic-social symbol.

The second initiative has been organized for the actual Rebirth Day, and it directly involves the children. The all female association from Palazzolo has cut up old white bed sheets, supplying the schools in the territory with the pieces, so that the pupils could express their creativity realizing flags of the Third Paradise. An important operation of collaboration with nursery and primary schools, result of a learning process. The women from the association have in fact held meetings with both teachers and parents to illustrate the meanings and specificities of the symbol of the artist from Biella. Theseeducationals” have been a great success, with 39 classes taking part in the workshops. The children – about a thousand of them – are working at the flags as we speak, drawing them and decorating them with acrylic colours.

Each school will have its special banner, but not only that: besides the ones representing the institutes, all the other ones – about 80, all different – will be displayed at the windows of the houses of the associates, the partners, “The women of the Third Paradise” members, and of the places of interest somehow involved in the event. A synergy that, on 21 December, will dress up most of the city in Pistoletto’s sign-symbol. The icing on the cake will be the biggest flag of all, produced by a nursery school: this “small big” work of art will be donated, on that same day, to the municipality of Palazzolo sull’Oglio in the person of the mayor Gabriele Zanni, who will receive it and keep it in the town all.

There is a lot of enthusiasm and participation in the city in anticipation of the Rebirth Day,” commented Maria Grazia Omodei, president of the association “The Women of the Third Paradise”, “the two initiatives vouch for the great work we are carrying out with the schools of the city, which, on their part, gave us a great response with many classes taking part in the realization of the flags. I want to thank the local administration for being once again willing to get involved in the cause and activities of the Third Paradise.”