The art of balance #1 | Max Casacci, how will you smile?
The founding member of Subsonica, the band known for their many hit songs including one dedicated to the Third Paradise, is the first guest of the new initiative launched by Cittadellarte, a project of rebirth and responsible social transformation called “The art of balance / Pandemopraxy”. Here’s how the guitarist, imagining life post-Coronavirus, has answered the question “how will you smile?”.

How will you smile?
First of all, I think that I, as many others, will smile more intensely, finding pleasure in the countless daily practices we used to take for granted before the pandemic.
Deprivation usually exerts this effect.
After that, even if I’m not expecting any immediate tangible change – especially in the phase in which the priority will be to recover the economic assets – I will be more optimistic and smiling about the future.

Why? Because I’m convinced that the younger generation, unfortunately forced – while growing up – to face a context in which the cause and effect paradigm and the consequence of individual behaviour towards the community have been topics of daily discussion for everybody, will be better equipped and more responsible.

Adolescents have lived their disconcerting war scenario even if they haven’t suffered the traumatic and devastating aspects of an actual war.
I will smile trustingly, convinced that there will be a change with regard to the sensation of being in a world on the edge of a precipice.
It will be a gentle and prolonged-release change, but it will happen.

Please click here for all the details on the initiative The art of balance / Pandemopraxy.