The Third Paradise as a symbol of peace: paper doves “fly” beyond the Russian-Ukrainian crisis
Rebirth/Third Paradise ambassadors Giovanna Costanzo, Iole D'Agostino, Patrizia Fratus, Katia Greco, Sebina Messina and Saverio Teruzzi have launched a solidarity-based art project consisting in the creation of a series of paper doves that can be made using the origami technique. The works, which are to be disseminated on social media and sent to the Embassy of the Russian Federation or the Ukrainian Embassy, are intended as a creative vehicle for launching messages of peace inspired by the trinamic symbol.

“At this time when the call to arms is still echoing, we propose to seek peace with peace: peace + peace = peace! All together, a flight over flags and borders, all together, let’s have wings beating for peace”. To act on this suggestion from the poster for the new event of the Rebirth/Third Paradise project, a number of ambassadors have come up with an initiative that is simple in its realisation, but significant and profound in its objectives. It is in fact about launching a message of peace through origami paper doves conveying a content that is not only allegorical, but real and concrete: the indication of the authors of the project is not only to spread the works created on social media with the hashtags #pace and #terzoparadiso, but above all to send them, through the post, to the embassies of Russia and/or Ukraine. The artistic and solidarity initiative, open to anyone who wants to take part, is very intuitive: the paper doves must be personalised with a message in any form of language (such as signs, drawings, words or phrases) and include the symbol of the Third Paradise with the word ‘peace’ in each circle. The idea can also be proposed as a peace education activity for young students.

The performance that launched the project was conceived and realised for the Municipality of Mesoraca (KR) by the artist Pierangelo Russo in collaboration with Salvatore Cerullo, Giovanna Costanzo and the schools in the area; the project is led by the ambassadors Giovanna Costanzo, Iole D’Agostino, Patrizia Fratus, Katia Greco, Sebina Messina and Saverio Teruzzi, together with Pierangelo Russo and Salvatore Cerullo. “What would we do if there were no war? It was 1955,” say the organisers, “when little Sadako, a victim of the Hiroshima bombings, made, as her last gesture, a thousand paper cranes for a dream of peace. They tell us that history doesn’t teach. We hope it does,” conclude the project’s creators, “and like Sadako we launch a collective sign of peace”.