“ApritiModa” at Cittadellarte: two days to discover the projects “Fashion to Reconnect” and “CirculArt 3.0”
On 21 and 22 October, Fondazione Pistoletto will open its spaces as part of the seventh edition of the event: throughout the weekend visitors will be able to join free guided tours of the two exhibitions that bring together art, fashion, creativity and sustainability, against the backdrop of Fashion B.E.S.T. and UNIDEE Residency Programs; the tours will also cover the permanent collection of Michelangelo Pistoletto's works.

“It is a journey allowing the general public into the beauty and skill of the Made in Italy. It is the only opportunity to visit the places where the creations that the world envies us are born”. This is how ApritiModa is presented on the official website, an initiative that will bring over one hundred companies throughout Italy – including ateliers, workshops, factories – to welcome visitors and showcase their excellence by letting them discover their sites, products and people. Among the many organizations that will take part in the event is Cittadellarte: on 21 and 22 October, visitors will be able to enjoy free themed guided tours of the spaces hosting the exhibitions Fashion to Reconnect and CirculArt 3.0. The tours will be from 11 am to 12.45 pm, from 2.30 pm to 4.15 pm and from 4.30 pm to 6.15 pm.

Fashion to Reconnect is inspired by the new dynamic balance of Michelangelo Pistoletto and Cittadellarte’s Third Paradise, and proposes clothes and fashion objects as works of art, which become tools for raising awareness of the need for a responsible social change. Designers, entrepreneurs, brands and artists offer personal perspectives on ways of reconnecting with nature to create a harmonious relationship, where the choice of materials and processes, and the change in perception of creation itself become the driving force behind a virtuous transformation of fashion. The pieces on display are selected by Cittadellarte Fashion B.E.S.T., under the patronage of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion and with the curatorship of Tiziano Guardini and the exhibition design of GuardiniCiuffredaStudio (part of the Fashion B.E.S.T. collective).

Art meets sustainable fashion also in the third edition of the project CirculART.
The initiative challenges companies, artists and fashion designers to show, in collaboration with Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto, how new forms of productive balance, design and sharing can be explored through a careful choice of sustainable materials and supply chains. Three key concepts underlie the circularity of sustainable fashion and this initiative: Reduce – reducing the consumption of raw materials, Reuse – reuse of raw materials and Recycling – regeneration. Noteworthy is the collaboration with Matteo Ward, who aims at reconstructing the supply chain of the works of art, highlighting not only the provenance of the raw materials – sourced from the 13 partner companies – but also the ideas, memories and visions that fuelled the artistic research of the four CirculArtists. The objective is to try to give a visual form to the design concept of each of the works presented, and inspire the imagination of alternative, circular and fluid supply chains characterised by a synthesis between the worlds of fashion and art.

Guided tours of Fondazione Pistoletto’s spaces and the artist’s permanent collection will be running as usual throughout the weekend, and will include the two areas hosting the exhibitions Fashion to Reconnectand CirculArt 3.0 (which will be subject to a charge if they are not visited during the above hours).