Between nutrition and sustainability, at Cittadellarte the talk “climavore food from the plain to the mountains”
An unprecedented journey of discovery of the close relationship between food and climate change: on 23 May at 6 pm, Fondazione Pistoletto will host a new talk proposed in the context of the exhibition-workshop "Biella Città Arcipelago". The event – curated by Cittadellarte and Let Eat Bi, and organised in collaboration with Slow Food Biella, the Rice Biodistrict and Candelo’s Pro Loco as part of "Candelo In Fiore" – will be open to participants in person or remotely. The conference is one of the initiatives of TACT, the winning project of the 3rd edition of the Creative Living Lab call for proposals promoted by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage – General Directorate for Contemporary Creativity.

Cittadellarte and Let Eat Bi, in collaboration with Slow Food Biella, the Rice Biodistrict and Candelo’s Pro Loco as part of the programme of Candelo in Fiore, present Cibo climavoro dalla pianura alla montagna (Climavore food from the plain to the mountains), a talk scheduled for Monday 23 May at 6 pm in the spaces of Fondazione Pistoletto hosting the exhibition Biella Città Arcipelago. The Rice Biodistrict (i.e. the plain) and Slow Food (concerning the mountains instead) will illustrate the process that can lead Biella to become a replicable model against the current climate change. The conference aims at providing useful suggestions to trigger a change of society in a responsible sense also through food consumption, offering a storytelling presenting the testimonies and best practices of an extremely diverse parterre of speakers. The space in which the conference will be held has already been the active backdrop for the series of thematic talks on the topics of the exhibition launched last April with Public meeting for a Biella observatory on water, followed by the start of a table on energy and the event on the subject of education Learning Arcipelago, three days of talks, workshops and conferences dedicated to the Biellese educating community. The appointment on 23 May will therefore be the fourth talk in the programme, which invites the citizens of Biella to participate and discuss with experts and guests on pressing issues, such as water, education and food, in order to steer the Biellese territory towards sustainable prosperity.

Next Monday’s talk will be moderated by Luca Deias, editor of Cittadellarte’s Journal, and will start with two introductory speeches by Paolo Naldini, director of Cittadellarte, and Armona Pistoletto, president of Let Eat Bi. Next to speak will be Federico Chierico (founder of Paysage à Manger and biodiversity manager of Slow Food Piedmont and Valle D’Aosta), who will present his experience of research, protection and enhancement of Alpine agricultural biodiversity; Marta Foglio (trustee of Slow Food Biella), who will describe the Slow Food project and the concept of biodiversity with a mention of genetic erosion linked to food choices; Gian Paolo Andrissi (president of the Rice Biodistrict and lecturer in Biological and Natural Sciences), who will focus on the Rice Biodistrict and analyse all its scientific aspects; Marco Ducco, from Cascina Angiolina, who will highlight his work experience from building work to agriculture with a focus on the social aspects of the Biodistrict; Giuseppe Goio, from the farm of the same name, who will introduce the audience to a few methods of field cultivation.

After the speeches and before the Q&A, Turin’s Polytechnic graduate Elena Lazzaro will illustrate her research project dedicated to the theme of food declined in the Biella context. The conference is one of the initiatives of TACT, the winning project of the public notice Creative Living Lab – 3rd edition, promoted by the General Directorate for Contemporary Creativity of the Ministry of Culture. “The great thing about dealing with food and understanding the impact it has on climate change,” said Armona Pistoletto, “is that you realise that you can become part of the solution right away and every day. This talk on current climate change and possible solutions already activated in the Biella region is very important for us because Let Eat Bi has been working on these issues since 2014. Finding common developments is a future we imagine possible: we would like the Biellese to become a virtuous example that we can present to the world. This will bring sustainable tourism, health and wellness to the Biella region in harmony with the nature that hosts us”.

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Admission is free but places are limited. FFP2 masks required. Reservation is not necessary.
The exhibition “Biella City Archipelago” can be visited at 5 pm.

The event can be attended remotely by registering at this link.