Let Eat Bi, a free water bottle for every customer at the new market party
On Wednesday 9 March, from 10am to 1pm, Cittadellarte’s farmers’ market at via Serralunga 27 in Biella will once again offer an opportunity to celebrate the excellence of local producers. For the occasion, customers who make a purchase of any amount will receive a free AcquaDoDe water bottle. “By installing our systems,” said company owner Enrico Bernardi, “users not only benefit economically, but also make a positive impact on the environment”.

Let Eat Bi is back to offer seasonal, local and organic food at its traditional market party scheduled for 9 March, following the success of the last one held in February. The initiative, which takes place every second Wednesday of the month, will see the participation of several farms selling their specialities, including fruit, vegetables, eggs, honey, cheese, bread, rice, wine, processed products, ready meals and local handicrafts. Cittadellarte‘s outlet, located at via Serralunga 27 in Biella, will be open from 10 am to 1 pm and, on the occasion of the new 2022 market party, there will be a gift for every customer: all those who make a purchase of any amount will receive a free half-litre aluminium water bottle by AcquaDoDe (pictured below). The participation of AcquaDoDe, based at Via Boglietti 1 in Biella, is the novelty of this edition of the market: the owner Enrico Bernardi will be present to illustrate to customers the peculiarities of the microfiltration systems for the organoleptic refinement of water that his company builds and installs.

The proposed microfiltration system eliminates undesirable pollutants, in particular elements such as chlorine and chlorine derivatives, dissolved gases, pesticides, coarse suspended matter and many other undesirable substances that may be found in the pipes. The system, called Epur-DA/200, guarantees good, healthy and dechlorinated drinkable water free of the main pollutants that may be present in the catchment water. You can use the AcquaDoDe filter, which contains a special active carbon (with a high ionic index), applied to a bacteriostatic system that complies with regulations, to which it connects with a bayonet system for easy maintenance. The purifying process is carried out without compromising the mineral properties of the local water. It eliminates the unpleasant taste by absorbing organic micropollutants present even in trace amounts, as well as various organic and inorganic chemical compounds (such as chlorine compounds), residual chlorine used to disinfect the water, surfactants, pesticides and hydrogeosulphurates.

The water bottle that will be given away at the market on Wednesday 9 March.

“Thanks to our systems,” said Bernardi, “you can have good water at home in an easy and convenient way, and at the same time meet environmental requirements”. The owner of AcquaDoDe refers to the long-standing problem of plastic pollution, which, not surprisingly, is highlighted on the website of the Biellese company: “The use of plastic and its disposal – reads the portal – are important issues due to the obvious and dramatic environmental impact that we all experience daily. In the search for concrete and effective solutions, there seems to be a clear need to combine an increasingly efficient method of collecting and recycling plastic with a reduced use of plastic wherever possible, replacing it with less polluting materials that are easy to reuse and recycle”. And here’s where the link with the event at Cittadellarte is: “The water bottle that we will give to the market’s customers – specified Bernardi – conveys an important message because it is recyclable and above all reusable. Our gift will be an incentive inviting people to change their habits by reducing their use of plastic, this way moving towards a sustainable lifestyle”.

Bernardi explained that their systems can be installed in every town in the Biella area, stressing that any aqueduct in the province is suitable. And that’s not all: it is also possible to choose the fixed residue you want to obtain from the water using special oligomineralisers. “Biella’s water is already excellent because it has optimal microfiltration systems, but the more demanding customers can tell us how much salt residue they want,” he said, adding, “to get an idea of the taste, just try the water from the small water houses dotted around the Biella area”. And the costs? “This is obviously another key aspect,” pointed out Bernardi, “because drinking tap water (after the appropriate installation) is economically and environmentally advantageous. The cost of the system can be recouped in a few months if we compare it to buying bottled water from the supermarket. To give an example, taking advantage of the special government incentive, which allows a deduction of up to 50% on the invoice, our systems start from 150 euro”. As far as the installation is concerned, Bernardi explained that it is possible to either buy a do-it-yourself connection kit or get the company to install it for you.

But let’s go back to the market to discover all the producers involved on the day: L’orto d’asporto, with seasonal vegetables and take-away dishes also for vegetarians and coeliacs; La Crava Cuntenta, with fresh cheeses and goat’s yoghurt; Ca’ Nel Bosco from Portula, with mature goat’s cheeses; Azienda Agricola di Pralba, with cow’s milk cheeses, Biellese tome and maccagno, eggs and butter; Cascina Angiolina, with organic rice, including brown, semi-wheat and non-whole rice, rice flour, apple chips and ready-to-eat rice with herbs and flowers; Marco Maffeo’s Cascina Bozzola from Occhieppo Inferiore, offering a wide variety of apples and nuts; Frutteto di Bersej from Portula, a farm that produces canestrelli, apple chips, saffron, apple vinegar, compotes and aromatic salts; Agriturismo La Fucina, with bread, eggs, sweet and savoury pies, jams, pizza and focaccia, seasonal vegetables, untreated oranges from Basilicata, lasagne and cakes; Azienda Agricola Lavino Zona, offering craft beers; Lorenzo Rovero, an organic winegrower from Sostegno who makes sulphite free wine, apple vinegar and apple and pear juices; the association Pacefuturo, with its ‘Miele del Terzo Paradiso’ (Third Paradise Honey); Casina Prabla, which produces cow’s milk cheeses; the members of Inner Wheel Valle Mosso, who will offer sweet and savoury pies (the proceeds from the club’s sales will be donated to the Vincentian Volunteer Group of Valle Mosso). The market will also feature local handicraft excellences, with the presence of the social promotion association I Passi d’Asino, selling special baskets and earrings, and Cinzia Petraoli, selling bielline, bowls, jugs, cups and other utensils and terracotta objects.

For further details on the market: leteatbi@cittadellarte.it.
For more information on AcquaDoDe: plasticfree@acquadode.it – 366 422 8264