Looking at the world through somebody else’s eyes.
On 21 December, Aquileia, a city in the Friuli region, will host the workshop "Glasses of the Third Paradise, to try and see the world through somebody else's eyes". Daniela Di Gennaro, curator of the event, explains: "In the context of the Rebirth Day, we will set up a ludic-artistic action allowing people to walk in somebody else's shoes".

Walking in somebody else’s shoes and – metaphorically – seeing things through their eyes: this is the topic of the creative-performative workshop organized in Aquileia by Daniela Di Gennaro from Didattica dell’Arte. The date and the place have not been randomly chosen: the initiative will be held on the Rebirth Day 2017 – celebrated on 21 December – in a city recently become a Rebirth/Third Paradise embassy. Aquileia has in fact revealed itself to be very involved in Michelangelo Pistoletto‘s socio-artistic commitment, which is evident from the contribution given by the city’s culture office, in the person of the vice-mayor Luisa Contin, who is organizing the event.

In the course of the free event “Glasses of the Third Paradise, to try and see through somebody else’s eyes”, devised for children aged 4 and above, the participants will realize DIY glasses made of cardboard. Children and grown-ups will work in pairs and, using ready made frames (in the shape of Pistoletto’s sign-symbol), they will draw the eyes of their partner. The drawing, coloured in with felt pens for the irises and crayon for the skin, will then be cut out making holes for the pupils and worn, as a way of “seeing” with the eyes of the partner. The next step will be exchanging “glasses” with the other participants, to have more and more different perspectives.

Daniela Di Gennaro explains the objective of the workshop: “The idea is to create as many partnership combinations as possible: child and adult, man and woman, young and elderly, Italian and foreign. We will set up a symbolic artistic action demonstrating that we can’t judge and discriminate against our neighbour, and that only assuming their point of view we can understand their perspective, without feeling different. The workshop relates to the Third Paradise inasmuch as – like Pistoletto’s symbol – it connects two different aspects creating something new. I hope and believe the activity will be very popular. With a little gesture, we will bring together playing and teaching in order to launch a meaningful message.”

Are you ready to see through somebody else’s eyes?

Please write to info@didatticadellarte.it to reserve a place in the workshop